Welcome to Narnia Farm: Home to British Soay Sheep


Narnia Farm is located in South Central Wisconsin on top of a hill in the woods. The first winter we lived here, there were record breaking snow levels. As the months went on and we moved into Spring with no let up with the snow, my husband said, "This must be Narnia".  The name stuck but the snow did eventually melt. 


Our focus at Narnia Farm is on the preservation of  Soay sheep. Our flock of British Soay Sheep are all registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) in the UK. Conservation of the Soay breed involves genetics playing a big part in breeding.  We keep a detailed record of each Soay sheep we have and their lineage to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this prehistoric breed of sheep as much as we are.


We got our first Soay sheep in August 2009. Having never raised sheep before we weren't sure how much work was involved or whether we had the skills to care for them properly.146What we found was Soay sheep are so easy to care for and require very little maintanance from us - apart from feeding them.  They are wonderful little creatures that are a delight to watch.  Beware!  Soay sheep can be quite addictive! Once you start raising Soays you'll never want to stop! Soay sheep are intelligent sheep.  They each have their own personalities. 

A vet told me once that modern sheep will look towards their leader sheep rather than looking at people, while each Soay sheep looks at you - a sign of intelligence.

Soays are very curious creatures - anything new in their environment has to be investigated.



In addition to British Soay sheep, Narnia is home to a guard llama named Dahli.  Dahli takes his job very seriously and if he senses any danger, he herds his sheep into the barn.  The lambs like to tease him into a 'running game' where he chases them and they stot off in different directions.  It's quite fun to watch!  The lambs are actually exhibiting typical Soay behavior.  When chased, then split off in different directions.  Soays won't herd like typical domesticated sheep.  However, Dahli seems to be able to get them into the barn when necessary.