Guarding rare sheep

You might say I'm a very special llama.  You see, I was lucky enough to land a special assignment in my guard duties:  I've been  charged with guarding rare British Soay Sheep.  Currently there is only 370 ewes in this country, and I'm in charge of 11 of them - and 9 of those are pregnant. 

British Soays are considered the first domesticated sheep in the world.  The breed is over 5000 years old.  Hmmmmm, maybe some of my ansestors guarded Soays. 

It gets dark so early during the winter.  I have to be more alert for predators once it gets dark. 

Mom insists on closing the barn door when it gets too cold - 61

but otherwise I  like to have it open a little bit so I can keep a look out for predators.