The new sheep have arrived!

We purchased 10 additional sheep from Kathie Miller.  They were transported in an animal trailer from Oregon to Wisconsin.  The sheep arrived yesterday afternoon and they all look calm despite their journey. They all were hungry and gobbled up the fresh hay. water and sheep feed I put out for them.  The rams and ewes are being kept in separate isolation pens for a short time.  This is a precaution to make sure they are all healthy before introducing them to the rest of our sheep.


Our new ram is the son of an AI ram with new UK genetics.  We are very excited to add him in our breeding program. In addition to Justin, our new ram, we also purchase two wethers (castrated rams). [[wysiwyg_imageupload::]]It is so important to keep wethers in with the rams, especially right before breeding season when they all start testing each other.


In addition to the rams, we have 7 new ewes, 5 of which are adults, so they will be added to our breeding groups this season.  They bring to our flock a greater depth of diversity which is typical of Soay sheep in the wild.