Our Soay Sheep

At Narnia Farm, we carefully select breeding stock to ensure healthy lambs that are genetically diverse British Soay sheep.



Imhah is a direct decendant of Gigolo from Island Soay sheep. We have rams with lineage from the original foundation flock that Kathie Miller brought into the US.  We also have several first and second generation AI rams with sires from UK Soay.


We don't use all our rams every year in order to keep as much diversity in the flock as possible.  British Soay do not have a 'standard' but rather the genetics in each sheep holds a lot of different characteristics.

Sometimes certain physical traits like coloring, will skip a generation.  It's alway fun when the lambs are born to track down where white spotting or light phase came from.





134   We have a diverse group of British Soay ewes representing light phase, dark phase, some spotting, and variations in between.  In breeding season, we have three breeding groups with ewes divided up into these groups.  We prefer not to breed yearly ewes if possible since they are still growing themselves.  Which group the ewes are in is determined by a number of factors including primarily inbreeding percentage, foundation flock representation. Secondary factors include breeding for color, or polling.

However the primary focus is always to produce a diverse healthy flock.