We have rooed Linden and Glenda, getting about a pound of wool off of each.   Rooing involves just pulling off clumps of wool.  Once the sheep are ready to be rooed, it comes off really easily.   I was surprised how thick the wool was!  Glenda had a thin fur layer already growing in when we removed the wool.  Linden, however, was bare skin when we rooed the wool off.  They resemble small deer without all their wool.[[wysiwyg_imageupload::]]  Linden still has a bit of wool on her back that was still attached.  As soon as it loosens up, we'll roo that off.

The yearling ewes and rams still have their wool.  We were hoping the warm weather would trigger the wool to loosen up.  So far, they are still hanging on to their wool.  We did try to use some sheep shears to take some of the wool off.  Boy is that hard work!  I'm so glad we have 'self-shearing' sheep!  I've been told that the wool loosening is triggered by hormones and the yearlings will probably start loosing their wool in June.