Soay Sheep Products

You can support the Soay Sheep conservation efforts  by purchasing Soay sheep products.  Due to the limited number of Soay sheep in the USA, products made from these sheep are extremely rare.  These products would make a unique gift or a great conversation piece.


 Soay Sheep wool mats. ONLY ONE LEFT!


107   This distinct 17" x 13" mat is hand loomed using 100% Soay sheep wool. The wool is spun around a jute core which gives the mat years of durability and  also has the advantage of being reversible.  It resists fading and wear.


This unique hand woven mat shows occasional uneveness and nubs which gives each mat a one of a kind look.  Mats can be vacuumed with a smooth surface attahcement.  Spots are easily removed with mild soay and lukewarm water.  Soay sheep are very rare, so Soay sheep products have limited availability.


If you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone that has everything, a Soay sheep mat can be used as a 'bum warmer' in the car or as an 'energy mats'. Sitting on a mat made from the wool from a breed of sheep that has been around since the Roman Empire is pretty awe inspiring.


These 17"x 13" mats are available for $20 each  plus Shipping costs.   There are a limited number available .  Each mat comes with a card describing Soay sheep and  care of the mat.


140 Wool Rug 2'x3'  ONLY ONE LEFT!!

Woven using the same techniques as the wool mats (shown above).  Light and dark Soay sheep wool used.  White llama fiber added for variation.

This rug is very durable and easy to clean.  It should last for years to come.

$120 plus Shipping costs.

Order by emailing





Dark and light pelts
 A limited number of rare British Soay pelts are available. 
$75 each + Shipping costs.









143 Raw wool

Limited quanities of raw wool is available for your carding and spinning needs.  Soay wool has a staple length of 3 inches, so can be a bit challenging to spin.  Although I have been able to spin it and I am by no means an experienced spinner!  The wool is also very easy to felt.

Raw wool is $10 a pound plus shipping costs.



Rare Ram Skulls

These were healthy British Soay rams that were used for meat.   Their skulls were soaked and dried.  Horn size varies due to the age differences in the rams.  These ram skulls make unique gifts or interesting conversation pieces.  If you are interested in purchasing a ram's skull, please email for more information.


This was a yearling tan ram.  His horns are slightly lighter in color that the other rams.


$100  SOLD







This was a 3 year old ram.  His horns are dark and curled. This is the largest of the 4 ram skulls we have to offer. $175












This is a 2 year old ram.  He has dark horns with a wide outward curl.  $150











This is a 2 year old castrated ram.  His horns growth was stunted from castration.  $50