British Soay lambs


So you'd like to be a shepherd or shepherdess to Soay Sheep?  Soays are delightful little critters and will provide you with a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction.  


British Soay lambs are very rare, so most of them are sold before they are born.  People may have to wait up to a year to get their lambs. There are currently less than 500 British Soay ewes on the North American Continent, so the conservation of this breed must be the priority.  Ownership of this breed carries a responsibility to carefully select breeding groups and keep detailed records of breeding to ensure genetic diversity in all lambs produced. 158

Would you like to be a part of the conservation efforts but don't want to commit to becoming a breeder?  If you have land that needs to be cleared, or pasture that is overgrown, Soays are wonderful lawn movers and do a fantastic job with underbrush.   A flock of castrated rams would be wonderful lawn mowers and helps to support the conservation efforts.159


What ever your interests are, let us know and we can help by putting a flock together for you from the cooperating farms of British Soay breeders.




If you are new to Soay sheep I encourage you to do your research first!  Phone breeders and ask questions.  An authentic British Soay sheep will have a full pedigree, detailing it's lineage and all British Soay lambs will be birth-registere92 d with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) in the UK. Lambs without complete records of lineage cannot be registerd with the RBST.  Without that registration Soays should not be marketed as British Soay sheep.  details  what an authentic Soay sheep is.


If you are new to Soay sheep and are looking for a  Soay breeding group, the Midwest Soay Breeders are working together to provide a diverse genetic mix for starter flocks.  There are many different combinations that could work as starter flocks that fit different budgets and the availability of lambs. If you are looking for 'lawn mowers', you might want to consider a bachelor flock of all rams.  Rams do very well together, they only  get hormonal in the fall when ewes are around. Even by keeping a bachelor flock you would be helping the conservation efforts by providing breeders with the room to breed more.


If you are interested in breeding British Soays, then you will need to consider having at least two ewes and at least one intact ram and two wethers (castrated rams).  Castrated rams are important in the ram flock because they reduce fighting amongst rams and potentially any serious injury.  Soay sheep are very social animals and need to be in a flock.


Most RBST registered Soay lambs are sold before they are born.  94

If cost is an issue you might want to consider getting two ewe lambs and two wethers (castrated lambs) the first year and a ram or two in the second year.  Although ewes can breed the first year, I do not recommend it, as they are still growing themselves.  Strong healthy adult ewes produce strong healthy lambs.  Rams however, can successfully breed in their first year.

Sheep are flock animals so you will need to keep at least two sheep, preferably three (in case something happens to one of them).


I use a breeder's software program to determine breeding combinations to insure that ewes and rams are not too closely related.  I also print out each sheep's lineage and compare their parentage.  This is essential to keeping the genetic diversity in Soay sheep.  A lot of consideration is put into setting up the breeding groups in the fall to ensure we have a diverse flock of lambs in the Spring.


Purchase Agreement

To reserve a starter flock, a $100 deposit is required for each sheep ($50 for a wether).  British Soay ewe lambs are $500 each and British Soay ram lambs are $400 each, plus the cost of the health certificates.  Castrated ram lambs are $50 each.  The balance needs to be paid in full 1 month before sheep are collected.  At that time a pick up date will be agreed and the health certificate will be issued by the vet to correspond to the pick up date.  


The balance can be paid off in installments if that is more convenient.  Once the balance is paid, the sheep registry will be updated with the new owners information.


Reservations are taking on a first come basis when the deposit is received.  Lambs are typically born in April/May and will be ready to leave the farm starting in July/August.   Lambs must be collected by the end of September otherwise a boarding fee will be charged.  We try to accomodate pick up arrangements the best we can.  If you require animal transport, I would recommend contacting Ron Keener, who has transported sheep for me in the past.  He can be reached at



95 If you are interested in purchasing lambs or a starter flock, please contact  us to discuss your needs and what we have available. 


We also welcome farm visits by appointment, if you'd like to come take a look at our sheep.













Lambing Season Spring 2011

Our first lambs were born March 31st to my oldest ewe, Esr11.  Esr11 produced twins: Bonaparte 3.13lbs and Bridgette 3.14lbs





The very next day, April 1st, Fermi, our smallest ewe delivered Barclay, a 5.5lb ram lamb. He is a big lamb for such a little lady. But these sheep are amazing - she did not require any assistance from us.



HP went into labor during a big thunderstorm/tornado watch.  Baxter was born around 11pm that night weighing in at 5.79lbs.  Our biggest ram yet!



Pavlow our white headed ewe delivered a 6 lb ram lamb.  Barnaby has a couple of white socks and a bit of white on his head. 




Ariel suprised me one afternoon with a Tan ewe lamb. Our first tan lamb.  Beautiful Bella is treated like a princess by her first time mother.  Soay ewes are wonderful mothers to their lambs.




Isabella, my smallest ewe and first time mother, surprised us with twin ram lambs!  It is very unusual for a first time mother to produce twins.  Isabella's little guys, Bobby and Benny are doing great.















Ouxy, one of my older ewes, produced beautiful twin ewes in the middle of the night.  I went out to feed in the morning and she already had them all cleaned up. 87







Linden surprised us with twin ram lambs two days after Ouxy delivered hers. 96












Glenda delivered on the Saturday before Easter and much to our surprise she delivered twins!  This was her first time with twin lambs: a ram and a ewe.  Since the lambs came the day before Easter we named them Basket & Bunni. As can be seen in the photo - our little Basket is a tan ram.  It will be interesting to see how he matures.98





We are sold out of 2011 ewe lambs.  We do have a few ram lambs that we will be castrating.  If you are interested in getting a wether for your flock or would like a couple of very efficient lawn mowers, please get in touch.













Sept. 2010

Anakin, the first lamb born at Narnia farm went to his new home with Bob & Lisa Waschbisch.  Anakin is a gorgeous ram lamb who now has five ewes to chase around.  I'm sure he thinks he's in sheep heaven. 42 The Waschbisch's farm is up near Greenbay Wisconsin.



When we were told that Soay sheep are easy lambers, they weren't kidding! It required no intervention from us, apart from watching the event through a pair of binoculars!  Soays are wonderful mothers caring for their lambs.

All of our lambs are authentic British Soay sheep and are birth registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) in the UK.  All lambs sold at Narnia Farm are birth registered and have a certificate from Narnia Farm containing their full pedigree and vaccination history.  We encourage all new owners to register their ownership with the RBST.  This can be done at